Feb 16, 2014

murray. bill murray.

I think most people like Bill Murray. There's an understatedness to his performances. I don't think I've seen a movie he has been in that isn't fascinating. But I think this interview shows a side of him that isn't often seen. A very introspective and philosophical side that I found thoroughly engaging. He seems like someone who has built his life around the concept of 'living well'. And it is clear that he has succeeded. There is a calmness to him. A lack of anger. A self filled with contained excitement at the possibilities that you don't often find in celebrities. Well in anyone really. There is nothing about him that is negative, pessimistic, petty, mean. He has none of these qualities. It's part of his charisma. Because all the people I now who are charismatic, they all have a zest for life. You want to be around them and have some of it rub off on you.

It's worth watching through to the end (I've watched it 3 times now). He has many interesting viewpoints on life and how to make choices.


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