Mar 10, 2014

american food

American food as viewed by foreigners.

Things that are considered very weird by foreigners:

  • Peanut butter - Yum
  • Root beer - I fell in love with root beer when I came over
  • American cheese - I agree. But this is not really cheese. It's purpose is not to be eaten. It's to make delicious delicious hamburgers
  • Pop tarts - Agreed. These things are nasty
  • Kraft mac and cheese - Ditto
  • Doggy bags - From our Puritan background I suppose. Seems like a waste to throw food away
  • Chicken and waffles - I've never had these but can't see why they would be bad
  • Tea heated in microwave - Fucking Brits and their tea bullshit
  • Ranch dressing - Agreed. It should be called Rancid dressing
  • Corn (apparently it is largely fed to pigs) - Hard to not like corn
  • Hot pockets - Agreed
  • Sausage gravy & biscuits (the milk part and then adding meat) - It does sound weird when put that way but yum
  • Dumplings (American, disappointing for the Chinese) - I haven't had Occidental dumplings in a long time but I love them.
  • Desserts with mint (should only be for toothpaste) - I agree fully on this unless the mint is actually fresh mint leaves
  • Spam - Ugh. I bought this for the first time a few months ago and no one in our family could stomach more than 2 bites.
  • Donuts (for breakfast seems weird) - It's not weird but it is terrible for you
  • Pumpkin pie (elicits strong reactions) - Pumpkin pie doesn't do much for me
  • Miracle Whip (or is it hwhip) - Second only to Spam for nastiness but I love legitimate mayonnaise
  • Cheese in a can - I'll admit I have no idea what this is

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