Mar 17, 2014


I had my first real bonafide earthquake this morning. And it was awesome. I have been dying to be in a really legit earthquake for a long time. While I've been in some tiny ones I didn't know they were earthquakes until after the fact.  While some people are scared of them I have no real fear. The odds of death or injury are incredibly small. The massive Loma Prieta earthquake killed only 63 people. Remarkable.

Anyway this was a tiny 4.4-4.7 centered in Westwood which isn't that far from us. My wife started yelling 'earthquake' with mild panic in her voice. But I just laid in bed and soaked it in. It was exhilarating. The whole house was swaying back and forth. It started with a bump and then these swaying oscillations came immediately afterwards. I would have preferred to be standing on hard ground. I want to feel something immovable, move. But this was good too.

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