Mar 10, 2014


I've talked a number of times about shaving. I have a fairly thick facial growth and sensitive skin so it's a topic I think about now and again. I started using a new technique. Doubling up on one old technique and one new one. To what I would consider pretty dramatic results. It's pretty simple really and so intuitive that I'm a little ashamed to admit that I hadn't just thought of it (I stumbled upon it).

So the first technique is one I've used since college. Prior to this new method I shaved with no shaving cream directly under the shower head. This one I thought about and mechanically it works because the shower cleans away any whiskers as soon as they are cut. It works well but there can be some irritation. It also makes sure that your whiskers stay soft which is probably the most important thing to do before shaving.

Okay the second technique is so utterly obvious. Why are people using shaving cream to lubricate the skin when shaving? Soap can be a lubricant but it's not a great one and it irritates skin. What do we use to lubricate all things? Oil. I use coconut oil. In fact I use coconut oil to wash and even clean my teeth (oil pulling). That's probably another blog post. So I'm washing my face with coconut oil an then go right into shaving and notice, OMG, this is great. Combined with doing it under the shower head and just perfection. No nicks, no cuts, no irritation, face is already moisturized when I'm done.

Pro-tip for women: buy men's blades. They are better quality because, the face.

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Anonymous said...

They do also make shaving oil (some better than others). Admittedly though, I haven't tried non-shaving oils for shaving so I can't compare results.