Jun 10, 2015

back day

Day 2 is back day. Whereas chest exercises use triceps a lot, back exercises use biceps. So it's smart to put them together so there is very little overlap.

Day 1
Back workout (also works biceps and to a lesser extent shoulders)

All exercises without weights completed to maximum reps. All exercises with weights completed to 10 reps and then you bump up the weight. You are allowed 2 minutes per exercise (2 min x 15 exercises = 30 minutes). The first workout sets your rep counts. Each workout after that focuses on increasing by 1 rep or 10 seconds or whatever across the entire workout. The idea being you want to spread out your gains versus killing the first few exercises and being wasted later on.
  • Pullups - Wide: Wide grip pullup
  • Pullups - Regular: Regular width grip
  • Pullups - Closed grip: If thumbs are sticking out they should just touch
  • Pullups - Reverse grip: Palms facing towards you
  • Pullups - Corn cob: Wide grip, go up, slide left then back, slide right then back, slide back then back, decline; Repeat.
  • Repeat the last 5 exercises
  • Seated back pulls: Sit in chair, chest on knees and pull back with elbows and hands close to body
  • Bent-over back lift: Legs slightly bent, lean over holding weights and then straighten back
  • Seated back flys: Sit in chair, chest on knees, lift weights out like a bird
  • Benched pulls: Lie face down on bench and pull weights directly back (like seated back pulls)
  • 1-arm lawnmowers: Get into a lunge and pull 1 weight up like starting a lawnmower

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