Jun 10, 2015

chest day

Alright. I'm already getting bored of P90 so I'm transitioning to my own workout. This workout will be 7 days a week but it's only 30 minutes a day so I'm fine with that. Each day gets a muscle group workout. I'm not sure if I've concocted this correctly yet, so I may modify as I go through this.

Day 1
Chest workout (also works triceps and to a lesser extent shoulders)

All exercises without weights completed to maximum reps. All exercises with weights completed to 10 reps and then you bump up the weight. You are allowed 2 minutes per exercise (2 min x 15 exercises = 30 minutes). The first workout sets your rep counts. Each workout after that focuses on increasing by 1 rep or 10 seconds or whatever across the entire workout. The idea being you want to spread out your gains versus killing the first few exercises and being wasted later on. If your triceps gets toasted from the first pushup exercise then you're not really going to work your chest on the 10th pushup exercise

  • Pushups - Heart to heart: Push up where your hands are together and lower down your chest so when you decline your hands hit your heart
  • Pushups - Decline: Raise your feet up with something like a chair
  • Pushups - Incline: Raise your arms up with something like a chair
  • Pushups - Regular: Pushup with arms about shoulder width apart
  • Pushups - Wide: Farther apart than regular
  • Pushups - Military: Hands by your side, elbows tucked back
  • Pushups - Pike: Bend your waist like downward dog; works upper chest and shoulders
  • Chaturanga fly: This is my own move based on the yoga move. Simply do a wide pushup and stop at the bottom and hold for as many seconds as possible
  • Chest flys: Need a bench press table for this or a backless stool
  • Pushups - Spiderman: One arm back, leg on same side bent up (knees to elbows), one arm out,  leg on same side straight; switch every 5 pushups
  • Pushups - Side to side: Start in regular pose, lift arm and same side leg out and do a pushup. Repeat on other side and switch back and do it again
  • Alternating floor press (3X): Basically a bench press from the floor
  • Svend press: Grab a weight with 2 hands, hold it at chest level, extend arms out in front of you

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