Jun 15, 2015

shoulder day

I always feel like shoulders get blown off in workout routines. I've partially dislocated my shoulder a number of times now and if I don't work it hard it can really stiffen up. So.

  • Alternating shoulder press - Keep the weights up on your shoulders. Extend upward, one at a time
  • Upright rows - Pull hands directly up to chin, keep elbows pointed out to the side and above your hands
  • Arm circles - I hate these. Very light weight. Arms extended and make small circles. 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 10 seconds on, etc.
  • Forward arm extension - Lift arms directly in front of you
  • Outward arm extension - Lift arms directly to the side of you
  • Seated arm flys - Sit down. Elbows bent 90 degrees, lift outward to side
  • Extreme pike press - You're trying to do a push up but as upside down as you can. Pike/downward dog position, feet close to hands, dip head down to flow
  • Pour flys - Like outward arm extension but at the top you twists wrists so weights are pointing down
  • Y presses - Weights at shoulders, lift up and out to make a Y with your torso
  • Last 6 exercises are Alternating shoulder press and upright rows again

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