Jul 7, 2015

tv has a problem

TVs are no longer the screen of choice for kids.

While there has been a lot of talk regarding people binge watching TV shows now that they are available for streaming, I think the bigger story is that kids are not TV watchers and are likely to not watch TV shows when they get older.

My kids used to watch TV. And they occasionally watch it when I buy them an Adventure Time season. But by and large they don't want to be in front of the TV, and the entire concept of TV advertising is one they don't get. Or rather they are tremendously irked by it. Because when I purchase a TV show season there are no ads. Even crazier is they prefer to watch the Adventure Time episodes on the iPad and not the big TV with surround sound. Portability is more valuable.

Far more important to them is watching videos on YouTube. My daughter watches a lot of arts & crafts "how-to" shows and my son watches video game shows. Home-made shows by individuals. Nothing from large media companies.

And like the article the iPad is the first line of punishment and TV can be used as a form of punishment.

TV is fu*ked.

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