Aug 7, 2015


47 seems old to me. If you had asked my 18 year old self if a 47-year old man was old, I would have said yes. That's totally old. You're way way more on the side of old at that age than young.

As you get old you pass through a few phases:

  • 0-5 no one remembers
  • 6-12 was pretty carefree. You just try and avoid wetting your pants and securing as many sugary products as possible. And avoid dying from stupidity
  • 13-18 was hell. Puberty, high school, rules, jungle politics, introduction to drugs & alcohol, etc. The "Black" years
  • 18-25 was probably the most fun. College, grad school, confidence, seeing the world, career, learning, growing, physically at your peak
  • 25-35 was exhausting but rewarding. Establishing a career. That's about it. I don't think I did much besides work work work
  • 35-45 was exhausting but more rewarding. Less career focus and more family focus. Kids and marriage are both demanding and incredibly rewarding. In some ways you get to be a kid again since you hang around them all the time. 
Which leaves 45 to, I'm not sure. 55? The jury is still out on this one. 
  • Work is still fun and rewarding, but now the kids are far more self-reliant. The interaction is still high with the kids, but it's less demanding and more sophisticated. Discussions take the place of vomit wiping up and explosive diarrhea (which is nice). 
  • You realize your body has slowly started to breakdown since about 35 but it just wasn't that noticeable. You're eyesight goes. You make noises getting up from couches. Cuts don't heal as quickly. Injuries never quite go away. Ears get more hairy. Pates get less hairy. Skin just isn't what it used to be. This all sucks. And the only way to combat it is through exercise and diet. And you're not combating it, you are merely deflecting its blows which will eventually hit. Which also sucks. So this part sucks. Juries in on that one.
  • But more than any other phase I'm far more content. There's isn't much I'd change about my life. I'm pretty happy with almost everything. Part of this is being less ambitious. I don't need to rule the world. That sounds like an awful job anyway. I care more about quality and getting useful things done. Continuing to learn just for the sake of learning. Trying new things. This is the best part about this phase.
So I guess I'll get back to you at 55 with an update.

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