Jan 29, 2016

the graduate

Interesting facts about the movie The Graduate:

  • Redford was considered for the Hoffman's role but the director (Nichols) thought he didn't have an "underdog" quality to him. He asked Redford, "Have you ever struck out with a girl." Redford replied, "What do you mean?" Nichols replied, "Precisely."
  • Others considered for the role - Harrison Ford, Gene Wilder, Steve McQueen, and Jack Nicholson
  • Hoffman's character in the movie was 20; he was 29
  • Hoffman's father's actor was 39 (10 years older than Hoffman)
  • Mrs. Robinson (Bancroft) was 35 (6 years older than Hoffman)
  • Elaine's (love interest, Ross) character in the movie was 19; she was 27
  • Elaine's college roommate's actress was 35 (the same as Mrs. Robinson)

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